Using an Online Learning System

The passion of  a programmer can be seen through code. A great way to get into programming is to actually start learning a computer language, be it Ruby, Javascript, Python, etc. As someone who has previous programming experience, I venture into the world of online tutorials and see if this way of teaching is adequate enough to learn from.

Using codeacademy, I learned the ways of coding in Javascript. The introduction tutorial is a great way to introduce someone into program. I found Javascript very intuitive and similar to plain-ol’ Java. The system they used to teach was based on active learning through a step-by-step process. The application asks you to type certain code and makes you see what happens and why. Though quite a fine learning tool, I find this way into Java might not be ideal as a great launching platform into programming. First, variables and primitive data types should always be discussed at length as it helps understand the inner workings of any computer language. Maybe more examples would of helped. Second, a firmer and more informative introduction to Javascript can be written to entice learners to see the benefits of Java, maybe a short video or two. Lastly, include a logger that logs all previous written code with explanations into a text document. This will enable the user to refer back to notes and confirm what they have learned.

Other than a few quirks I had, the program did a good job of teaching Javascript. I would highly recommend this to my programming friends, but would suggest other people not proficient in programming to take Java or C first.

Code Snippets (Javascript):

Confirm or Deny
> confirm("Writing in Javascript is cool!")
==> true> alert("No your not!")
You've completed this section! 
Variables: Name
> lastName = "Guevarra";
==> Guevarra> myFullName = "Christian Guevarra";
==> Christian Guevarra> myFullName.length;
==> 18
Numbers and Strings
> number % 10;
==> 2> myString = "hello";
==> hello> "hello".substring(0,2);
==> he> three = "Christian".substring(0,3);
==> Chr> "coding rules".replace("coding", "programming");
==> programming rules> "codingrules".toUpperCase();

var array = [1, 4, 6];
number = array[2];

==> 6

var days = [];
days[0] = “Monday”;
days[1] = “Tuesday”;
days[2] = “Wednesday”;


After an hour of coding in Javascript, I’m kinda digging the language. The editor makes writing in Javascript very easy and the language is similiar in many ways to the base language Java. Setting up variables and strings are the same except for some key differences such as the keyword used to create a variable “var” and the ternary operator “===” acting as a binary “==”. I would definitely would like to learn more about it and will continue to learn Javascript in my spare time.


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