Delving deep into the Computer Science major at UCSD

As a first year transfer student, I was not only amazed of how much of change I saw right before my eyes, but I was left thinking, ” How will I truly succeed as a student in UCSD?”. After a major change to Computer Science, I asked myself a few questions:

1) How many classes do I still need to take to graduate?

2) What classes are needed as a new CS major?

3) What resources and websites do I look at for more information about CS?

4) What technical cluster should I take?

5) What are the lower and upper division requirements for a BS in Computer Science?

After doing some research at, I approached Viera Kair, one of the CSE major advisors. After our appointment, she not only help me plan on what courses to take, but when to take these courses since not every course is available every quarter.

I figured that I want to take the Software Engineering cluster as I feel for it to be beneficial in getting a job nearby. The four course I plan on taking are : CSE 112, CSE 118, CSE 125, and CSE 132A. Technical courses can by found under Undergraduate Education -> Degree Programs -> BS Computer Science -> BS Computer Science Technical Clusters.  What I want to

Not only are the CS advisors very helpful, but they also email every CSE major any opportunity worth giving a shot. For example, any CSE student in UCSD has received emails from both Viera and Pat regarding internships, jobs, workshops, etc.

For the most part, any or all information about CSE can be found at This website does a terrific job of informing the student of what is expected and provides Excel worksheets to plan your schedule for future quarters accordingly. It is a wealth of information and I couldn’t think of any student or classmate that hasn’t even this site. It is easy to navigate and is constantly being updated with any change to any major. If a change does happen, an email is  sent out informing all students within any major in CSE about the change. Thus, the website is an evolving resource for both students, advisors, and professors.

After adventuring into the world of Computer Science, I feel that UCSD has done a great job of informing students in CSE  about what it takes to be successful. Announcements are always relayed through professors and students, and the CSE department does a great job of providing help by offering free tutor services from SAGE and other students. I never felt outdated  because UCSD and the CSE department make all information regarding CSE accessible at their homepage. And if any student still has questions,  setting an appointment is plain and simple. Just call and be prompt.

Oh, and one more thing, never be afraid to ask for help.

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